Magnesium iron spinel brick

  • Magnesium iron spinel brick

Product Description And Parameters

Magnesium iron spinel bricks are made of bivalent iron aluminum spinel (FeO Al2O3) and high-purity magnesia as the main raw materials. During the firing process, the firing temperature and firing atmosphere are strictly controlled to ensure that the iron in the brick is oxidized. The substance exists in the form of FeO.

During the use of mafic-iron spinel bricks, a layer of highly viscous calcium-iron and calcium-iron-aluminum compounds is formed on the hot surface of the brick, which is easy to hang on the kiln. In addition to the excellent kiln-hanging properties of magnesia-chrome bricks, Magnesium iron spinel bricks also have higher thermomechanical and thermochemical properties.

Iterm Indicators
MgO% 85
Fe2O3% 5-7.5
Al2O3% 3-5
SiO2% 2
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 3
Apparent Porosity % 17
Cold Crushing Strength (Mpa) 45
Refractoriness under Load T0.6 (℃) 1600
Thermal shock resistance(1100℃ water quenching,cycle) 6
Thermal conductivity coefficien W/m.k 2.6

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